Join us at an ALG Property Network Event and enjoy an evening of networking with like-minded, driven people; and education from our guest speakers. The ALG Property Network exists to serve the needs of those keen to learn more about the world of property investment, and those already involved. The event is open to anyone including; new and experienced investors, landlords, letting agents, property sourcers, lenders, brokers, agents, service providers, and anyone interested in the world of property.

At ALG Property Network, we believe that your network is your net-worth. Whether you’re just starting, or time-served; at our meetings, you’ll have the chance to get to know others in the property community, many of whom you could do business with.


There’s no shortage of opportunity at ALG Property Network. Whether you’re looking for below market value deals, training, property services, joint venture partners, whatever it is, you’ll find it at an ALGPN event.


We often bring experienced, credible, speakers, to provide you with the very best content, tips, tricks, inspiration and motivation to help you on your property journey.


The ALG Property Network is a national framework of events that take place in cities and towns across the UK. Look out for a location that’s near to you, and ensure you join our mailing list to stay informed as each new place is added to the map.